In Audioson we have the only manufacturing laboratory of otoplastics (moulds customised to your ear) in the region of Girona. This service allows us to have better control of the product as well as a faster and more efficient service, a locally produced good.

Moulds and special protection plugs:

We have a wide selection of mould models for retroauricular hearing aids as well as customised noise protection plugs (sleeping ear plugs) and customised water protection plugs (Aquatap).

Retroauricular hearing aid moulds

In Audioson we manufacture customised retroauricular hearing aid moulds (behind the ear). The mould and the material to make it are chosen depending on the hearing loss of each person. This allows us to provide a maximum customisation in order to get the best hearing results. Having our own mould laboratory in Audioson allows us to manufacture a new mould in just a few hours and make all the necessary adjustments swiftly.

Protecting your ears from noise

Sleeping plugs, especially designed by Audioson, have become essential for people who need sound insulation when they sleep. These plugs are also very practical for people who sleep during the day and can be disturbed and woken up by any noise or for those who sleep with people who snore.

Protecting your ears from water

We manufacture silicone customised ear plugs to avoid water entering into the auditory canal. They are indicated for people who suffer from otitis or eardrum perforation or for sportspeople who spend long periods of time in water. We have designed a selection of amusing colours and models thinking about children, who are the ones who use the plugs the most. These plugs are very useful at the beach, in the swimming pool, in the shower, etc.