Amplifier Sennheisser SET 880 TV Music

Sound amplification device, high quality for both TV and music.

Price299,00iva included



SENNHEISER, a well-known brand in the hearing sector, thanks to the quality of its products, presents its last generation sound amplifiers for TV and music: SENNHEISSER SET 880 TV | MUSIC.

The Set 880 system offers a clear and defined sound for those who need it. Users can experience the sound through wireless headphones, where they can regulate the volume without having to go to the charging base. With just one charge the battery lasts for 18 hours.

The charging base can be configurated with different sound profiles, depending on the device we are listening to or the person using it. Also, the amount of sound into the ear can be regulated.

Two sources can be connected at the same time, without having to disconnect and connect the device.

Additional information

Què hi ha a la capsa?

Headphones with rechargeable battery made of lithium polymer. Docking station. A pair of earpads for small ears. Energy suppliers with national adaptors for Europe, UK, EUA and Australia. Cable TV wire for digital audio output. Connection wire for 3.5 mm TVs for headphones audio output. Instructions manual.

Technical specifications

Frequency response: 15Hz – 16Hz Sound pressure level (SPL): 125 dB up to 1kHz, 3% THD Weight: 61 g (including the rechargeable battery) Charging time: up to 3 hours Range: 70 m. / 200 ft. Signal-noise link: analogue input: top. 83 dBA at 1 Vrms; digital input > 90 dBA Autonomy after full charge: up to 18 hours Battery specifications: rechargeable battery made of lithium polymer BAP 800 Frequency band: 2,400 – 2,483.5 MHz Connection: digital input: data transmitters, with optical support: PCM/Stereo, analogue input: 3.5 mm jack connector Transmission system: FM digital Earpads material: silicone Audition profiles: 5 profiles Charging reminder: acoustic and visual sign