In Audioson, we are constantly looking for the latest hearing technological innovations because we want to be leaders in the sector and offer the best solutions to our clients.

In here we want to present the latest revolution in the hearing aid market, that is, hearing aids without batteries.

SIEMENS CELLION hearing aids have lithium ion batteries that can be recharged by means of an induction charger. Once recharged, Cellion hearing aids provide a full day of continuous functioning.

Using the latest technology, Cellion offers users an easier and more comfortable life and at the same time an unbeatable high-performance hearing.

The charger offers many possibilities to the user:

  • Charger with USB connector (to charge your hearing aid wherever you want)
  • LED indicators that offer information about the charging process.
  • Fully charged hearing aids in only 4 hours.
  • It offers the possibility of an express charge in only 30 minutes which provides 7 extra hours of functioning.
  • Additionally to its common use, the charger also acts as a dehumidifier for the hearing aids during the charging time.

A complete success in the hearing market; the best technology combined with total comfort.